Getting back into writing

I had a blog. For close to a decade I posted pictures, shared stories, and wrote reviews. I was driven by the feeling of wonder. People from all over the world would read what I wrote and comment on it. Strangers would write to me or share a part of themselves with me. It truly brought home the idea that the world has shrunk.

Then I got tired. I got tired of taking pictures of every meal before anyone could enjoy it. I got tired of coming up with ideas to write about. I suddenly got to a point in my life when I craved anonymity and no longer wanted to be judged by my readers (some of my readers). So I shut down that blog. At first I felt relief, months later I began to crave an outlet for my opinions. I tried to migrate to facebook and twitter but I did not feel the same drive to open up and create something.

So now I’m back and hopefully I can strike a balance between writing and my private life. I am much older and there are many things I have yet to explore.


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