Time warp

Having a young baby is like stepping into a time warp, says go by, you forget what day it is, and your life is measured by diaper changes and baby’s scheduled activities.

It’s a time warp I gladly step into.


Time is immaterial

Time has always been fluid but for new parents like us, time is immaterial. My life is currently measured by doctor’s visits, monthly milestones, and baby-centered activities. I often cannot recall what day it is and would have to check a calendar to figure out the date. It is overwhelming but rewarding.

I often remember these wise words:

The days may be long but the years are short.

I find this to be true particularly when watching a baby grow. Our days are filled with immediate need and the Id. Hopefully, we can teach our daughter to develop a good sense of ego and superego. For now our ultimate goal is to help her grow, keep her safe and healthy, and to remind ourselves to be truly present in the moment.